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Branded Ingredient Spotlight: elevATP® Ancient Peat and Apple Extract

This week’s Branded Ingredient Spotlight, I talk about elevATP® - a branded ingredient supplied by FutureCeuticals.


What Is It?

elevATP® is a proprietary combination of trace minerals from ancient peat and a polyphenol-rich apple extract. The purported claims are associated with increasing performance, strength, and power due to increasing intracellular ATP levels. The effective dose is 150 milligrams per day. The ingredient is Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) in the United States and approved by Health Canada.

Research – C+

The claims for elevATP® for improved performance are supported by one human clinical study. This study was done on 25 healthy resistance-trained males. The study's duration was 12 weeks, divided into three segments: 8 weeks of periodized training, two weeks of overreach, and two weeks of tapering. What’s interesting is that the benefits from the ingredient did not become glaringly apparent until the final four weeks of the study, and the first four weeks showed that the placebo outperformed the treated group. When comparing the data from start to finish (0-12 weeks), elevATP® did not significantly exceed the placebo.

However, from week four on, the treated group saw a significant increase over placebo. The biggest difference is during the overreach phase of the study. During this phase, the placebo group saw a decrease in strength and power, whereas the treatment group saw an increase. This increase could imply that elevATP® shines during times where training intensity is substantial, and recovery is not adequate. A study designed to center around this type of training would help test this hypothesis.

Cost – A

The cost implication with elevATP® would fall in the low category. This means incorporating elevATP® into a formula should be quite straightforward. The other great benefit to it is the low dose. At 150 milligrams, it doesn’t take up much room in the formula and makes it quite versatile.

Applications – A-

Given its low dose and cost implication, elevATP® is a versatile ingredient used in capsules, tablets, powders, RTDs, and food items.

Pros and Cons – B-

My Thoughts

I like the concept of elevATP®, and the results of the study are fascinating. However, based on the completed research, I would not formulate a pre-workout with this ingredient. Consumers take pre-workout formulas for their immediate benefits. Since the first four weeks of the study saw the placebo group perform better than the treatment group, it doesn’t make much sense to include this ingredient in a product category designed to produce immediate benefits. Unfortunately, most of the market thinks this is the ideal spot for elevATP®. The ideal product categories for elevATP® would be products consumed daily for an extended period (think performance-based multivitamins, creatine supplements, BCAA supplements, protein supplements, etc.). FutureCeuticals does a great job of making its ingredients easy to formulate with by not price gouging and keeping the active dose low. I’d love to see another human study completed with a design around overreaching.

Overall Grade: B

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